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Our services

Explore our services at Frogsbyte, where we excel in BI Platform Migration, ensuring a seamless transition of data and analytics. Additionally, our expertise lies in modernizing Power BI and MicroStrategy documents for enhanced data analysis and providing comprehensive Project Lifecycle Management, integrating advanced practices and technology for efficient project execution.

BI Platform Migration

Effortless migration to Power BI - Explore our services for a seamless BI platform transition. Elevate your analytics with Power BI migration expertise.


We specialize in transitioning from legacy MicroStrategy documents to interactive, user-friendly dossiers. This transformation not only streamlines your data analysis processes but also enhances decision-making with visually compelling and easily accessible insights.

Project Life Cycle Management

We offer a comprehensive Project Lifecycle Management service, designed to optimize your business processes from inception to completion. Our approach integrates advanced management practices with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every phase of your project is executed efficiently and effectively. With our expertise, we empower your team to deliver outstanding results, on time and within budget, while adapting to evolving business needs.

Report development

Unlock the full potential of your data with our expert BI report development services. Experience tailored, insightful reports that transform complex data into actionable business intelligence.

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